''Darren Lamb has been getting drum tuition from Mark for the past six months and he absolutely loves it. Mark is patient in explaining things and communicates well with kids. Darren's drumming has come on in leaps and bounds and I would recommend Mark without reservation, not just for drum tuition but also for guitar tuition.''
Shirley Lamb

"My son Adam has been receiving lessons from Mark for just over a year and a half. He enjoys his weekly lessons in both guitar and drums and looks forward to his hourly session. Mark puts his pupils at ease and helps them reach their full potential. Adam relates well and feels that both pupil and teacher have a great time which helps him play better than expected. He knows that Mark listens and gives good quality teaching in response to his needs. I highly recommend InTune Music Tuition to anyone searching for high quality and enjoyable music tuition.'' Lisa McDowell 

''Amy has been taking lessons for 2 years when lessons stopped due to unforseen circumstances, had a 6-month break and started with InTune Music Tuition and since then has progressed more than we could wish for. Mark has a way of showing Amy things which she understands and picks up easily.'' Frank Sweeney 

''As a mother of a daughter who is currently studying Advanced Higher Music I can highly recommend Mark Feeney. His teaching skills combine a balance of structure and fun in a relaxed environment installing the necessary skills for my daughter to work towards passing her practical SQA drumming exam.'' Lynn McCole 

''Having been a student of Mark’s for just over a year I can confidently say that he has been a very patient, down-to-earth, easy-to-get-on with teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge and technique that is fluently put across with ease of understanding, he is very capable and has answered all questions I’ve put forward. Mark puts a lot of effort into tutoring and makes each lesson feel different from the last giving a lot of diversity and freshness each time. It feels like each lesson has been tailored just for me as he will listen carefully to what I have to say and what I would like to learn. He is also very skilled on multiple instruments and I believe he is capable to take on students at any level.'' Grant Taylor

''George has been going to Mark's lessons for exactly a year! One thing that we quickly saw was Mark's patience and praise. George 'knows' when he's liked and this quickly meant that he was keen to impress Mark. George was keen to practise by himself and it wasn't long before I could hear him tinkering tunes in his loft bedroom. He has taken his guitar into school and at one point I think the teacher had four of his friends wanting to play in Golden Time. I think one of the things we have enjoyed is seeing George become inspired and want to be 'like' Mark. He was gutted that he was not old enough to go and see Mark play in his band! He has always wanted to share his guitar experiences with him. He has always enjoyed listening to bands but now is recognising great guitarists in them. Many thanks Mark and long may his lessons continue!'' Gina Freeman

''I was always interested in the guitar and now my lessons have started I look forward each week to my lessons and to see my friend Mark'' Robert Paterson